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Vog el frei

Vog el frei (love the bold type in contrast to the delicate line work + monochrome colours- great stuff)

Typographische Monatsblätter (Issue 3) — André Gürtler + Bruno Pfäffli (1962)

Exklusiv: Die Gewinner des TDC 2015 – Part 6

the jam at clouds disco, 1977 - swissted

I was inspired to create this design from looking at a ‘modernline’ typeface poster I had pinned onto my typography research. I really like how I composed the poster, making it very readable. I also like the range of different reds I used on the gill sans title, making it look very intriguing and complex. This also has a lot of information on it, compared to the rest of the designs, which are more simple.

IDEAS#40 - Print

Cool type poster design - I really like this poster because it looks three dimensional and like a cube.