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Erkunde Gebirge, Kommt und noch mehr!

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Unbelievable Rainbow ... I have seen this from the air but not quite so dramatic ... cool ;)……OH! LUCKY YOU TO HAVE REALLY SEEN SOMETHING THIS BEAUTIFUL…………ccp

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Regenbogen über dem See Genezareth

Land Gottes,Weltreise,Regenbogen,Israel Land,Israel Gott S,Jerusalem Israel,Urlaub Fahren,Traumurlaub,Arc En

WOW...Eight Rainbows! Quite The Phenomenon...Seen In Lehigh Valley, PA. May You Find Your Own Special Rainbow Today Beautiful Souls!

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In Chile, A Lightning Storm Breaks Out Above An Erupting Volcano

Amazing Lightning ✿⊱╮

And another fire rainbow Natural beauties

two 2 birds sitting in a Rainbow tree brilliant rainbow through leafless tree branckes blue sky skies

Fire rainbows are not actually rainbows and have no connection with fires. The true name for this exquisitely beautiful optical effect is “circumhorizontal arc”. The phenomenon can only be viewed under certain precise conditions: the cirrus clouds that act as prisms must be at least 20,000 feet high and the sun must strike them when it is at an elevation of 58 to 68 degrees. Fire rainbows are never seen at locations situated more than 55 degrees north or south.