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Picdump 08.05.2015

Too bad I've missed this freaky party

Africa | Namji Fetish Doll. Cameroon. Materials: Wood, beads, cowrie shells, cloth and metal | The Namji tribe is famous for their wooden dolls carved with geometric features and adorned with multi-colored bead necklaces, cowrie shells, coins, metal strips, fiber and leather. The dolls held by young Namji girls to play and to ensure their fertility, are considered among the finest and the most beautiful dolls in Africa. They are carved from solid hardwood.

Puderrosa. Slip-in-Sandalen aus Satin mit Seidenanteil. Modell mit leicht eckiger Zehenpartie und einer großen Zierschleife. Futter und Innensohle aus Leder

This is considered a pair of lace up boots. They are to die for though. Just drop the price a few hundred bucks.

The way they were: 1970's punks. Image courtesy of www.samlawrie94.wordpress

I IS FOR IDOL A person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered. The latest fetish that will conquer our culture is related to the shaman and his capacity to talk with the spirits, using idols that are connected to different talismans, whether it be a stick, a stone or a piece of cloth. Humble everyday objects can attach us to a different place, another time or an alternative state of mind. Our smartphones and tablets could therefore be considered amulets too. ==> #Christian Louboutin, a designer of high- heeled shoes, at the same time, also a famous #shoe brand of French. The red#high #heels bottom is considered the mark of Christian Louboutin. All of his inspiration comes from one accident, once he passed by the Paris Oceanic Art museum and saw a remarkable icon in front of the door.

"Masterpiece" - Mountain Lion Fetish Carving (fossil jasper) Mountain Lion symbolizes grace, leadership & strength. Lion has the natural ability to lead without insisting that others follow. She teaches the ability to be true to yourself & to trust your inner knowledge & direction. Lion can impart power & self-confidence when dealing with problematic people. The Cherokee people considered Mountain Lion sacred because she has the power to see in the dark.