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- good Morning - A refreshing waterfall shower is great after a long walk / hike on Madeira Island. My Boyfriend enjoys the cold refreshing from the Mountains ☔️ We saw this beautiful Street / Mountain waterfall on the way back from ponta da sol to Funchal along the coast Road -

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Weite, Kälte und mystisches Licht: Für Winterliebhaber ist Lappland ein Traumziel.

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This Photographer Proves Canada Can Be A Magical Place During The Winter

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"Hillocks and haystacks rise up, isles in a smoking brume. After the snow of the night before, the day is washed clean: all is silver and bright with ice, and a light wind moves us forward. Here and there snow has blown aside, revealing the line of the great white stone road that slices through the hills. It is an unswerving line marked by the Romans, carved straight out of this untrammeled landscape.鈥?鈥?from the novel SINFUL FOLK

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