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Erkunde Deutschland, Lieblingsfarbe und noch mehr!

I think this little house would be perfect for one of my less-than-social characters. :)

Hogan's (medicinal and ritual specialist) home. It is also referred to as the House of Marcel Griaule, (anthropologist - 1930s). Sanga, Dogon Country, Mali | ©Therese Lee

Candle light by Anthony Habashy. We love this! What can you say about the soft golden glow of candles. Touches the spirit, in and around you. Beautiful photo.

Detail of a Church we decorated last July.

Shaped The painters house This old pink house is situated at the old dunes, a few hundred meters from the west coast, a very windy place were there isn’t much that can grow. So the tree can only grow where it has shelter. It has looked this way always

'The Lady of the House' by William Henry Margetson 1861-1940

Intricate Structure of a Ksar - Tunisia, Africa

Wunderschöne Fensterdekoration