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TOP BIG HELIODOR : 88,67 Ct Natürlicher Heliodor (Gold Beryll) aus Brasilien

DSEF CERTIFIED GOLD BERYL : 41,22 Ct Gold Beryll ( Edel Beryll )

HENN GEMS - Schätze - Aquamarinsuite für Collier, Ohrringe, Ring über 150 ct, Antikschliff, Mosambik

Exceptional Heliodor (Golden Beryl)--"A Member of the 100 Carats Club"

Golden Beryl, var. Heliodor Brazil A rich golden beryl of excellent saturation, this gemstone is exemplary for its transparency, luster and fine faceting of the cushion-shape. Weighing approximately 40.5 carats and measuring 22.0 x 19.0 x 12.5mm

Beryl, Menzies, Wester Australia, Australia Beryl is a typical mineral of pegmatites, although some hydrothermal deposits contain gem-quality beryl crystals. Emerald, the green variety, is coloured by small amounts of chromium. Beryl is the main ore mineral of the light, strong metal beryllium, used in the aerospace industry. Source: Museum Victoria