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Erkunde Gott Amun, Ring Historisch 1 und noch mehr!

Siegelring mit der Königin vor dem thronenden Gott Amun

Temple Of Amun In The Holy Mountain Of Jebel Barkal, Karima, Sudan

Upper arm jewelry from Queen Amanishakheto from the pyramid (N6) in Meroe…

Block Statue of Neskhemenyu, son of Kapefha. Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, Karnak, Temple of Amun, Cachette

Ring: Roman portrait bust of Marciana, Middle Empire around 100 AD rock crystal (?). 4.3 cm diam. A piece with rarity is the big finger ring made ​​of rock crystal. He carries in high relief the portrait of an elderly woman with an artfully in three rows one above the other piled curls hairstyle, a hairstyle that was very fashionable around 100 AD. Perhaps here is portrayed Marciana, the wife of Trajan.

*SHIELD-RING: with Amun as crowned ram's head from tomb of QUEEN AMANISHAKHETO

Anklet Period: Meroitic Period Date: A.D. 100–250 Geography: Egypt and Sudan, Nubia, Gebel Faras, Cemetery 1, Grave 186, Oxford Univ. Exped. 1926

A WEDDING RING D. 2.3 cm. W. 5.4 g Gold, amethyst Roman, 2nd-4th cent. A.D.