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Your body has an incredible innate intelligence to heal itself. #GetAdjusted

Michael Jordan on Chiropractic Care - Make your appointment with us & begin to improve by leaps and bounds today!! Advanced Healthcare - 411 E Roosevelt Rd Wheaton, IL 60187 - 630.260.1300 -

BJ Palmer-the Developer of Chiropractic

We crack eggs not spines..We adjust spines!

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Chiropractic care gets to cause, medicine covers up the problem. D.D. Palmer - Chiropractic Quote Series Print

Your body has to go through a process in order to repair itself correctly and fully. There are three general phases of chiropractic care: relief care, corrective/restorative care, and wellness care. Give it time to work.

Chiropractic care has grown to be the largest healthcare profession that helps people without drugs and surgery