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Animal abuse supported by tourism. No animal learns to perform silly and demeaning tricks, that have nothing to do with being an animal, unless they are beaten. Elephants are beaten with bullhooks and worked daily for profit. Thai Elephant Orchestra: Started in 2001, this orchestra features up to 14 elephants playing string and percussion instruments. Their CDs go to support elephant conservation, i.e. the running of this place which enslaves them, beats them and traps them working for…

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13 Awkward Moments Every Vegan Knows

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The 30 Cutest Boys With Beards With Cats


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Photo Diary: A Day at the Shelter with Wags and Walks

Photo Diary: A Day at the Shelter with Wags and Walks | Lauren Conrad

Human being kills 100,000 cows every single day. Cows kill no humans ever.

The purity of a persons heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals.


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