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Erkunde Melancholie, Weibliche Fotografie und noch mehr!

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"My heart broke when he died, split in half and fell down into my stomach...I'm still not sure where it is now. I hear it beating sometimes in my ears, or feel its fast pulse in my neck, like I do now; but in my chest where it should be, it mostly just feels empty." Jen Violi

"Please," I begged "just please." I knew it wasn't going to let up anytime soon, but I prayed it would. The pain of getting a little slice through my stomach was not pleasant. I assumed it was worse for me than Samantha, for she's beaten and hurt all the time, when I've never had a finger laid on me in my life, until today. It's almost unbearable. I held my stomach wound tight, trying to make the pain leave me.

“Don't do that," he says. "Don't ask me questions you already know the answers…