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Erkunde Saint Stephen, Stefano Del und noch mehr!

Statue des Thoth, der sogenannte Cacco von Santo Stefano del Cacco, heute im Vatikanischen Museum

"Torino, Museo Egizio, Statuette des Vogels Ba (statuette of a Ba bird)" ^**^

A bronze figure of an Egyptian God with ram horns, possibly Amun or Chnum. - Property of an old German aristocratic collection. - Crusty blackish-green patina, restored.

Torino, Museo Egizio, Gott Thot als Pavian (God Thoth depicted as a baboon)

Die Pietà von Perin del Vaga in Santo Stefano del Cacco

Group statue of Thoth-ibis and devotee on a base inscribed for Padihorsiese. Period: Late Period. Dynasty: Dynasty 26. Date: ca. 700–500 B.C.

Grab Raffaels im Pantheon

Baboon with a wedjet eye, Ancient Egypt, 26th Dynasty (ca. 688–525 B.C.) - From the beginning of Egyptian history, the baboon had a role in Egyptian religion. Initially, he was known as a deity called the “Great White One” (that is, the moon) This baboon holds a wedjet eye, the eye stolen from Horus and healed by Thoth.

Berninis Elefant vor Santa Maria sopra Minerva

Statuette of the Goddess Taweret