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Erkunde Uhu, Viecher und noch mehr!

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Xavier Rudd - Spirit Bird - deutsche Übersetzung Gib dem Zeit, und wunder dich warum. Wir tun, was wir können. Wir lachen und wir weinen. Und wir schlafen in...

Meanwhile in China - Giant peacocks flying down the mountain to the whistle of the bird keeper

January is Adopt a Rescued Bird month! Bring one of these colorful creatures into your home or be an Animal Amigo for our birds!

Barred Eagle Owl (Malay Eagle Owl) | Project Noah

Spotted eagle owls deciding on whether to eat a dung beetle!

#wildlife #photography HAVING A BAD FEATHER DAY Besnard Lake, SK This bedraggled bald eagle had been in a territorial fight that resulted in a water landing! Friends and I were out kayaking and found it, completely water logged and unable to get to shore. By intervening, we were able to help it to dry land where it immediately spread its wings to dry them in the sun. When we returned several hours later the eagle was gone, a happy ending we presumed.