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Trump-branded consumer products have suffered new blows, with U.S. retailers Sears Holdings Corp and Kmart Corp discontinuing online sales of 31 Trump Home items, while new details emerged showing sales of Ivanka Trump's brand fell in the weeks before Nordstrom Inc stopped carrying her products.

Relying on his faith, determination and community programs, Norm Zent overcame a drug addiction that had tormented him for almost two decades.

Thanks Nan! Drawing a line from a child's behavior to my strength as a Mom.

Parenting Teens - What to expect when you're launching

Best Money Tips: Slash Your Water Bill by Ashley Jacobs on 22 July 2013

Otherworldly: 10 Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul. This was me as a child and still is how I am!

The woman who has been to hell and back is not easy to love. This is spot on. Click on the picture and read it to the end.

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