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The New Food Rules

how to eat healthy

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The Essential Heart-Healthy Food You May Be Missing

Raising fiber to lower the risk for C V disease in men today and what to eat to do it. !

There is a misconception that people believe they need to EAT LESS to LOSE WEIGHT. This is FALSE!!! I am constantly eating!..But I am eating all the RIGHT KINDS of HEALTHY FOODS, which digest easily and efficiently, and provide me with the natural energy I need to get through each day. Contact me at info@TheBalancedBeauty to learn what foods you should be eating and which ones you should be avoiding! It's not about eating less. It's about Eating HEALTHY! xo The Balanced Beauty

Expectant Mothers need to fuel their bodies with foods that will not only allow them to feel good and maintain a healthy glow but to support baby with all the proper vitamins and nutrients! Check out these super foods and enjoy!! xo The Balanced Beauty

Foods can heal! Check out the Top 12 Anti-Asthma Foods and load up to help breathe happy and healthy xo The Balanced Beauty

Getting adequate amounts of sleep each night is an extremely important part of a healthy diet... During sleep, our cells regenerate and recover...Based on your daily activities, sleep is also a time your body continues to burn fat and calories! Why do you think they call it "beauty sleep?" Contact me at info@TheBalancedBeauty to learn more! xo The Balanced Beauty

Be creative with your plates--Food is fun! Food is beautiful! Food is art! xo The Balanced Beauty