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QUIZ: Which Disney Prince Is Your True Love?

What Element Are You?

What Element Are You? Your element is WATER. There is a lot of depth to you...You prefer peace and little conflict but have no issue standing your ground when you are wronged. You have deep emotional currents, some you can't even explain, many might be intuitive...Your avoidance of problems leaves you in more trouble then when you deal with them. That aside you are seen to be full of love and wonderful energy.

Which Fictional World Do You Belong In?

Which Fictional World Do You Belong In? #WolrdOfDivergent You believe that everyone is different and over generalization should be frowned upon. You believe everyone has the ability to choose where their life will lead. You see that everyone has something different to offer to the world. You like to learn about yourself and are probably the type of person who enjoys taking these types of personality quizzes.

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Which Character Would You Play in a Disney Movie?

Which Character Would You Play in a Disney Movie? Cheshire Cat You would play the Cheshire Cat! Let's face it... you are completely mad, in a good way!

What Ice Cream Flavor Are You?

NO WAYYYYY (I took the "What Ice Cream Flavour are you" Buzzfeed quiz, AND IT GAVE ME MY FAVOURITE FLAVOUR!

Can You Correctly Answer 10 Tricky Questions?

Take this challenging quiz!! Btw, they're all trick questions!! I got ten out of ten! Take the quiz to find out your score and comment what you get! Have fun!

Which Jelly Belly Flavor Are You?

Buttered popcorn! I think it's actually a good description of me!

Quiz: Which Disney Dad do You Have

✔️ King Fergus your dad is a goofy ratoneur who knows how to swing a sword. your dad always encourages you to be passionate and speak your mind!