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Photo (The Shiny Squirrel)

Botanical interior design

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Farbe Light Blue Nr. 22 von F&B 'Solebich'

Two IXXI wall decorations made with paintings of flowers from Reeves, from the National History Museum image bank collection. Price in this example is $92.30 each #ixxi #ixxidesign

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Poster Das Tieralphabet

Sandy Lohß - Das Tieralphabet Mehr

Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers, you can create your own garden with this... die vloer! IXXI love!

Urban Botanic prints By My Deer Art Shop. Picture credits: Blog - HEIMATBAUM

Design Sponge/ Ikea drawer (Malm series), vintage Stratford on Avon pottery, and HeyStudio "Winter" poster.