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Boxer Metals «Mom’s Rocket»

Minimalist E-Bike Concepts

Hammer Kraftrad BMW R100 R Cafe Racer #motorcycles #caferacer #motos |

You look around most city centers and the majority of people have pretty standard looking bicycles: they have two wheels, handlebars, a frame, the standard stuff. However what you don’t often get to see are the bizarre aprroaches to the vehicle that are done behind closed doors. Well let me give you a sneak peak into the crazy world of concept cycles with these 41 Eccentric Bicycles.

BMW R45 "Raspona" by Fugar Metal Worker

Customized BMW airheads are rare in mainland SE Asia, since most owners opt to keep their bikes stock. So this stunning boxer from K-Speed is a real delight to see.

Inspired to build - Maverick BMW R100RS ~ Return of the Cafe Racers

Kevlar Concept Bikes

Hinter Den Rädern,Push-Bikes,Ebike Elektro-Fahrrad,Produkt,Um Die,Masse,Auto,Frische Luft,Stil

Concept Bicycles

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