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Erkunde Kreditkarte Punkte und noch mehr!

Now at last, the new Consumer Rights Act 2015 allows for legal actions to be taken on behalf of a whole class of consumers who've lost out as a result of competition law breaches, without each consumer having to make a claim individually......If you were of working age and living in the UK at any point between 1992 and 2007, it's likely you'll be automatically represented in the case. You aren't required to do anything and you'll still be able to opt out if you wish.

Checkout, What are you able to do with a Basic bank account. Click Here

It’s well documented that accepting credit cards is good for business, but there is one snag to accepting credit cards that every retailer knows and fears: fraud.

Bill Oddie's BankWatch, a must see !!!!

Banks create money (out of thin air!!!) when they make loans, which means that they effectively control where newly created money goes to in the economy. That means banks have the power to shape the economy. It’s dangerous and undemocratic to leave this much power in the hands of people who have no accountability to society – the financial crisis has shown how severe the consequences of doing this can be. (video:

Here's why Wall Street has a hard time being ethical

Here's why Wall Street has a hard time being ethical A new report finds 53% of financial services executives say that adhering to ethical standards inhibits career progression at their firm. A former Wall Street trader describes why - by Chris Arnade, Monday 25 November 2013

"If you were studying the subject from an eschathological viewpoint you would know that Brexit means goodbye to the Euro. We are located at a point in time when the entire global monetary system is collapsing, and the speed at which it is collapsing is frightening. I don't know the speed but I have a friend (I don't want to reveal his name, he is a deputy governor in one of the central banks in the Muslim world) who shared with me that the speed at which it is collapsing is alarming.

Free and paid help to file your tax return

When you're ready to fill your federal income tax return for 2015, you have plenty of options – some of them you pay for, but some are free.The Interna

And this from an organisation that is shutting down the bank accounts of charities who it believes are involved in funding terrorism? A case of "The pot calling the kettle black"?