Erkunde Lakritz, Zusammen und noch mehr!

Rhabarber und Lakritz? Zusammen mit Kardamon?

Jeanne d'Arc Living - French style with Nordic palette

The sign says it all. Available in Greece, Turkey, any EU country with people from those regions. Generally mixed with water, it looks like skim milk but tastes like black licorice and feels like fire going down. You will be lucky if all you do is dance on the could get much worse.

Record store girls (vinyl records in comics)

© The Trustees of the British Museum A nice gentleman. 12 September 1818 Hand-coloured etching by George Cruikshank, 1835

Bought this licorice mix on my roadtrip in Norway (I believe, it's a Swedisch brand, though). Really good, and especially cool were the red licorice fishes, which had a hint of chili to them.

Oh how true this is drives me insane!

Twiz the Season Licorice Filled Vintage Canning Jar

Saltlakritskola / lakritskola : Recept på denna kommer från tidningen Mama, jag har klippt ut det för...


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