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In Search of Moebius’

Arzach - Moebius

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What Fairy Tail Wizard Are You?

I never get too much Fairy tail!

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moodboard : masterful elegance (Observant Nomad)

moodboard : masterful elegance


San Francisco Noir

Burritt Street, where Sam Spade’s partner is murdered in “The Maltese Falcon.”

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Flying Key sculpture Skeleton key with wings

faerie key (As we do not belong in Faerie Houses because we are too large. A Faerie Key can be made and kept in a shadow box ~ Perhaps a Faerie will call to ask if you by chance have a Faerie Key ~ ( all faerie keys fit all faerie doors of course... ) and because you kept one you can help the Faerie get into her Home. They say you sall be rewarded in return... <3

Gimli is such a scamp, Legolas can't believe he let the dwarf mess up his shot, and Aragorn has the "I can't take you two anywhere" look

Hold my catnip while i try to count all the legs on this monster im hallucinating