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Erkunde Epilepsie Leben, Epilepsie Gehirn und noch mehr!

SEEG Laser Ablation Brings #Seizure Control in Difficult-to-Localize #Epilepsy

VNS Therapy® is the implant system for refractory epilepsy and treatment-resistant depression. The AspireHC generator which is now up to its fifth generation of VNS Therapy technology has been approved by the US FDA.

What's Temporal Lobe Epilepsy? | Epilepsy - YouTube ---> As far we know, this is the kind of epilepsy that affects Josh the most. Is it crazy that I learned more from this video than from his neuro?

Would you know what to do if she had a seizure?

An Aura is one symptom of a seizure. Recognize the other signs!

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Epilepsy Sensing Dogs

Epilepsy Sensing Dogs: Useful info for my daughter with seizure disorder.

#Epilepsy: What a #Seizure Looks Like, When it Looks Like Something Else

Partial Seizures (Focal Seizures) ****** Renn's are Complex Partial

Understanding Epilepsy Infographic. Count down to Purple Day March 26th. (info is about Canada but same stats apply worldwide)