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Deutscher S35 in Belgien, im Juni 1944

French Tanks of World War II: The renault R35

A Russia SU-100 tank destroyer - captured by the Nazi'.

BT-7 modelo 1937 Beutepanzer sirve de proteccion a un peloton alemán. Valery Petelin Siempre el emblema de la Wehrmacht (Balkenkreuz) era enorme en los carros capturados a fines de no confundirlos con los del enemigo .... Más en


Captured KV-2 with a Balkenkreuz

Destroyed Panther tank in Italy 1944. My colored picture.

Stuka : Foto

Renault R35, The Most Common French Tank of WW2. With 35mm of frontal armor and a low velocity 37mm cannon the R35 wasn’t destined to be remembered for long. #worldwar2 #tanks

The picture shows the only one (“Red 003”) Tiger (P) operational model with turret facing rearwards, though the second tank just behind is a Panther Ausf D equipped with a Pz IV turret. schwere PzJg. Abt. 653 on the Eastern Front. Mehr

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