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Erkunde 2013 Poster, 1960 Filmplakate und noch mehr!

Neil Jordan's The Company of Wolves is an exquisite rumination on the undercurrents of fairy tales and folklore. Intelligent, well-acted and beautifully crafted, the movie makes the viewer feel as if her or she has stepped into a fable of long ago. (1984)

Exorcismo (1975)

Exorcism (1975)

Vampire Doll (aka "Fear of the Bloodhouse: Bloodsucking Doll," "The Legacy of Dracula") (1970)

Four Sided Triangle (1953)

Four Sided Triangle (1953)

1971's The Bloodstained Butterfly begins with the death of a child in a public park. The child's "killer" is tried and convicted. But similar killings keep on occurring.

20 million miles to earth

I, Frankenstein (2014)

A poster for the 1967 film Night of the Big Heat, released stateside as "Island of the Burning Damned," (ITALY)