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Victoire von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld in Trauerkleidung (wegen des Todes ihres Ehemannes) mit der kleinen Victoria, vermutlich 1820/21


Circa 1920s. Marriages between Chinese men and African American women were common in Texas, in the South and throughout the Caribbean in the late 1800s.


Portrait of Alexandra of Denmark, wife of King Edward VII


Born on this day 24th May, 1819, Princess Alexandrina Victoria at Kensington Palace in London. Only daughter of the Duke of Kent. As Queen Victoria, she reigned for 63 years. She married Prince Albert in 1840 and had four sons and five daughters, Kings & Queens, House of Hannover £1.10 Stamp (2011) Victoria (1837 - 1901)


Louis Caravaque, Portrait of Russian Empress Anna Ivanovna, 1730

Princess Victoria, The Princess Royal, by Winterhalter.


1st Child of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) & Prince Albert (1819-1861) & Wife of Frederick III (1831–1888) German Emperor & King of Prussia. The Princess Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise Princess Royal & Crown Princess of Prussia (1840-1901) by Artist Unknown

Queen Charlotte with her Two Children, by Allan Ramsay, c. 1765


Victoria Eugénie of Battenberg, Consort Queen of Spain, 1920 // by Philip Alexis de Laszlo