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Erkunde Georgenkirche Wismar, Of Rügen und noch mehr!

Historische Altstadt Wismar

St. Georgenkirche Wismar

Historische Altstadt Wismar

Georgenkirche (Wismar) – Wikipedia

St. Georgen

St-Georgen Kirche - Wismar

Historische Altstadt Wismar

Wismar Georgenkirche


Georgenkirche in Wismar

ROSTOCK (GERMANY): The city wall with gates, towers, watch houses and ramparts was built during the second half of the 13th century.


Das Arsenal in Schwerin vom Pfaffenteich aus gesehen

Schweriner Dom

Schwerin - The undestroyed city / In the background of the Schwerin Cathedral, the only remaining medieval buildings Schwerin. The neo-Gothic tower was only completed in the Empire and is 117.5 m with the highest church tower in eastern Germany.