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Erkunde Kochen Kochbar, Rezept Rezepte und noch mehr!

H a u s p a s t e t e

H A U S P A S T E T E Rezept - Rezepte kochen -

Himbeer - Käse - Sahne - Torte

Pumpkin aspic - Molecular cuisine can be fun. Which doesn't mean it always necessarily is.

gefüllte Schmorgurken

"Minced-meat-stuffed cucumber" - Bondage vegetable swimming in grease-stock. Don't ever cut it loose!

Banana chili soup - Made with fish fond and onions. See the chili pepper slice on the left form kind of a question mark as if to say: WTF?

"Jelly bowl with Saxonian peasant brawn" - To mark the occasion garnished with mayonnaise tufts.

Nothing to top woodruff jelly like whipped cream!

Westfphalian beef roulade - Filled with a whole onion and a whole pickled cucumber. A bite in the right spot & You'll enjoy the unadulterated flavor of each.

"Leek meets lentils and mustard in the oven" - Fatal encounter.

Baked apple with blood sausage - Don't we all just love baked apples? And don't we all just hate blood sausage? So why force them together???

"Calf's head turtle-style" - Never heard of a turtle-style preparation before. Here it means stuffing the calf#s thymus gland, tongue & brain and some smoked meat into the calf's face skin. Click link for pic of the latter. Actually: don't!