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Erkunde Rote, Schaffen In Österreich und noch mehr!

First created in Austria, Red Bull's marketing slogan states that it will "give…

The Arch-Duchy of Krakau (now Kraków Poland) became part of Austria-Hungary during the third Polish division in 1795. In 1814 the Duchy became an independent State, but in 1846 it was incorporated into Galicia and thus part of Austria-Hungary again. The title was created in 1806. The arms show the arms of the city of Krakow on a shield with the Polish eagle

Hot dog Baseball and hot dogs- the perfect pair, right? But the all-important dog or wiener, was actually created in Frankfurt, Germany and widely consumed starting in the 13th century! It later travelled to Vienna, Austria where the original all-pork formula was cut with beef and renamed the Frankfurter. In New York’s Coney Island, a German immigrant named Charles Feltman began selling the sausages in steamed buns around 1870. And they’ve never left. (Source: thinkstock)

Autumn afternoon in Hallstatt, Austria | ilias nikoloulis on 500px

The Art of Menstruation: Elvira, (Vienna, Austria), at the Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

224 The Big Way Artist: Friedensreich Hundertwasser Completion Date: 1955 Style: Transautomatism Genre: abstract painting Material: mixed me...

In 2011 in the suburbs of Linz (Austria), a huge roundabout became for 17 days DEJA - VU, an island for cultural celebration designed by Fattinger-Orso and a real intersection between visitors and inhabitants. 7000 red crates created a modular architecture adapting to the daily scheduled events.