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There are more than 20 Published medical studies on Juice Plus+ whole food based nutrition in prestigious medical and scientific journals. Read more. This study reports that 4 wk of pretreatment with a fruit and vegetable concentrate can attenuate blood oxidative stress markers induced by eccentric exercise #reduceoxidativestress

Now those are some amazing results! Juice Plus Children's Health Study

Health quote -MikeAdams, the Health Ranger --- Well my grandma fried foods in lard, and she lived to be 92. That was before gmo corn, etc. So the pigs were probably a lot healthier back then : ) and they ate fresh produce from their gardens. Non gmo.

Juice Plus 30 Fruits and Vegetables in a capsule! Healthy made easy!

whole food based nutrition vs. vitamin supplement -

Clinical Research: Juice Plus+ Delivers Helpful Vital Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition