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Homemade Soft Pretzels! "Fun to make, and eat!" @allthecooks #recipe #pretzels #bread #snacks #appetizer #pretzel ❤ DiamondB! Pinned ❤

ou make my heart flutter! Make this fun snack for your sweetie in a snap! Dip pretzels in vanilla Candiquik (you can tint it with red food coloring for a pink color) and coat with pink sugar sprinkles. Attach pretzel wings to a red sour punch straw (or licorice) with Candiquik. Using an edible black marker, make a smiley face on the back of a pink conversation heart and attach to sour straw with a little Candiquik. A cute Valentine treat that will make anyone's heart flutter!

Dip some pretzels in Candiquik and coat in pink sugar sprinkles, attach a sour punch straw in the middle along with a conversation heart with a smiley face (use a black edible marker) and you have a cute snack that will make anyone's heart flutter!

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Candy Cane Dust - put candy canes in food processor and pulverize - Add to your hot cocoa - Add to your coffee - Add to icing - Sprinkle on cakes and cookies - Add to cake or cookie batter - Dip chocolate pretzels in it - Sprinkle on ice cream or yogurt~~

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Salt + Sugar = Yummy. At least in my opinion. I make chocolate covered pretzels often, as I get quite a few requests from my friends and family for the salty, sugary, sweet treats. So why not throw some Peeps into the mix? Works for me! For a more detailed tutorial on how to make …

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