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WLAN Kommunikation Symbole

WLAN Kommunikation Symbole

Story Telling: Ever wanted customers to access your Wi-Fi, but needed to protect it with a password, so they were unable to connect without knowing it? Well, this most likely has happened to your business, whether you know it or not, but now there is a new way to get around this dilemma. The answer comes in the form of a tag sticker enabled with NFC (Near Field Communications) capabilities. ....

Green Goose is offering a system of stickers that are embedded with sensors. You put the stickers on things all around your environment and they communicate with a wireless base station attached to your wi-fi router.

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Samsung Hopes High-Tech Stickers Help Boost Near Field Communication

TecTiles - Inexpensive NFC tags that phone owners can use to automate various tasks. Via a free application, customers will be able to assign various commands to one of the stickers. A tag outside a conference room could be set to silence phones or to join the Wi-Fi network. Businesses could use a tag to allow customers to check in on Foursquare, or “Like” the company on Facebook.

8 ways in which you can take advantage of your Android smartphone's NFC Chip

8 ways in which you can take advantage of your #Android #smartphone NFC Chip »

LG's Optimus LTE gets NFC variant, wants to be known as Optimus LTE Tag

LG Optimus LTE Tag superphone with NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology. NFC leverages "User Context" with LG Tag+ feature that uses NFC to communicate with special stickers or "tags" that can be programmed to automatically change the phone's settings. Swiping a tag upon entering the office could put the Optimus LTE Tag in silent mode and activate Wi-Fi. A tag on the car dashboard could be programmed to turn on Bluetooth, GPS and raise the volume. The options are limitless

The Kid Connect Premium app offers enhanced VTech Kid Connect features by allowing kids and parents to exchange even more between the InnoTab 3S and smart phones2. With Kid Connect Premium, kids and parents can exchange voice messages, photos, drawings, texts and fun stickers.