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Erkunde Los Schwerter, Schwerter und noch mehr!

ST- Schwerter 13 - Königin Secret Tarot

Where multiple choices are concerned, the message of the Two of Swords is to be prepared to be open to all options, otherwise you may loose out. Stay open-minded. {Universal Wirth Tarot}

She-Ra was so much cooler than He-Man - remember those #childhood days

Upright - Sudden desire and impulse. A card of caution in the face of opposition. Change of residence, job or possibly both. An indication of triumph in the face of adversity, but must be through cunning. No real progress, through lack of purpose. Ill Dignified - Counsel and specific advice. Reluctance to carry through daring actions when necessary, failure of nerve and indecision. Surrender when victory is almost in sight. Inability and reluctance to complete what has been started.

Le roi d’épées - Tarot de Klimt par A. Atanassov

Tarocchi Dürer werden abgebildet von Lo Scarabeo. Symbols: City, Jacob's ladder…

Justice - The Sorcerers Tarot - life gives you what you deserve. embrace your destiny and your calling.

(Leonardo) Da Vinci- Tarot. Art Experience NYC

Owl. Eule. Iberisska. Kriegerinnen. Warrior. Mehr zu meinen Amazonen / More about my amazons: