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Erkunde File Frauen, Frauen Trachtenbuch und noch mehr!

Well, of course I wear my starched ruff to go fetch water! Goller. Non-spiral lacing. Frauen-Trachtenbuch, 1589. A serving girl from Danzig. "That's the maids to Dantzig costume / Brought forth by many Jaren / When they carry water to Hauß / As this figure fashion t Auss. Wiewol yrs clothing is low / So it's a wonderful thing / That one yrs not dispense kan / Vnd find each her husband."

Frauen-Trachtenbuch 052.jpg A Nuremberg serving girl.

Frauen-Trachtenbuch 031.jpg An Augsburg serving girl.

Frauen-Trachtenbuch 042.jpg A Frankfurt serving girl going to church.

Frauen-Trachtenbuch 055.jpg A serving girl of Cologne.

Frauen-Trachtenbuch 068.jpg A bride from Danzig

1534 - 1562 - Virgil Stolis - Camp follower with cradle

Italian Collar with gold lace, late 16th century.

Middle-class Elizabethan. More info on this time period at, a site I once had memorized. Originally thought to be the author.

"Bürgersfrau mit Haube" (City woman with haube), 1500–1550. Anonym, Schweiz (Basel).