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Erkunde Fantastische Fragmenten, Gruselig und noch mehr!

Geister im Wald (Achtung Gruselig)

Real Ghost Videos: The Unmade Bed - Paranormal Activity Caught On Video - Paranormal 360

Carolyn Hampton

almost invisible, but not quite enough...

'Unknown Winged Creature Caught on Camera' -- angel, demon, hoax, or none of the above.

Just to Keep in Touch

.just creeps me out......bottom line. real or fake....little children ghosts are scary

10 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained | The Mind Unleashed

Ghost caught on camera after fatal car crash - I was suitably impressed with this. What do you think?

Ghost in Hotel on Halloween - Caught of Security Camera 100% Real - ...Make you own decision on this.

The real picture of a ghost (not montage). The photo was taken in the town of Wernigerode (Germany), during a work day in the woods. music - Kevin MacLeod - Classic Horror 1 All rights reserved