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Mamey sapote (pouteria sapota, zapote rojo) - native to Mexico and Central America but cultivated throughout the Caribbean -- original caption says this photo was taken in Colombia

Guindas de El Salvador; es una fruta bien ácida. Also lends itself to the Salvadorean phrase "Salir en guinda" - to leave quickly, in a hurry.

Tropical fruit Goiaba (Guava). best source of Vit. C better than oranges?

Passionfruit (passiflora edulis), also known as granadilla, is a self-clinging tendril climber. Its fragrant, unusual flowers are followed by fruit that turn purple and aromatic when ripe. Their allowed to wrinkle and develop sweetness, then eaten raw, juiced, made into a syrup or used in sauces, cakes and preserves. They have a pleasant, exotic, sweet-tart flavour. An edible oil is obtained from the seed. Pollinated by carpenter bees (other bees will visit but are ineffective). Zone 9-11

Red pineapple or Ananas bracteatus is a species of the pineapple commonly grown as ornamental plant for its decorative red fruit