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Follow the leader!! This is a cute activity for preschoolers. Choose one of the children to be the leader. Put music on and the leader needs to dance, the other children need to do the same moves as the leader. Switch leaders so everyone has a turn. Children will love this activity.

10 Strange Stories Involving Menstruation.

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7 Tips for Baby Tooth Care

Now that your baby's teeth are on their way in, it's time to start taking care of them. Even though this set will only be around for a short time, their health is essential to your baby's gums and those future permanent teeth. Make sure your baby's new teeth get the best care. Here are some practical tips.

​Safety tips for preventing the deaths of children in hot cars | Ottawa Citizen | July 8, 2014

Primary care physicians are in a prime position to advance the continued implementation of pharmacogenetic testing to improve patient care, according to a review article in the journal Primary Care Reports.

Natural Decorating Colors .... Because not every parent wants their child coming home from school hyped up on artificial colors

a little too early for this, but stumbled upon it and had to pin it: Easter Eggs – Elegant Ideas For Your Easter Eggs!

Mobben ist biologisch vorteilhaft