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Erkunde Happy Day, Von Paris Mit Der Liebe und noch mehr! (vbd91l12g4j.gif)

Community Post: 42 Truly Haunting Pieces Of Art


There is a sense of peace in being the observer of your thoughts and emotions....seeing them from a distance and then treating them with your tender care and attention.

The Pearl is a relatively ‘light’ read that you can smash through in an evening... It’s really freaking beautiful. It’s a direct, concise account of community, love, greed, and man’s basest nature.

Community Post: 18 Signs You're A Real Life Charlie Brown

18 signs your a real life Charlie Brown!!!! Oh my! I think I am!

"Don't worry. All is as it was meant to be. It was meant to be lonely, and terrifying, and unfair, and fleeting. Don't worry." #WelcomeToNightVale #Condos

The First Day of 1st Grade

Such fun and simple ideas for the first Day of 1st Grade. I love how this teacher starts reading stamina and mixes in a lot of community building!