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Erkunde Kriminalgeschichten, 2. Buch und noch mehr!

Presumed Dead (2nd. book in the Wilton/Strait mystery series) (Kindle Edition)By Barbara Ann Derksen

There's a time for everything under heaven, but time is running out for the Carroll sisters.

Esther Queen of Persia is Bible Fiction. Read interview with the author and buy the book. Paper or Ebook formats.

Indoor Garden Musings: Not Just a Hearer but a Doer by Yolanda Shanks (Re...

This book is a surprising, dramatic, unbelievable and heartbreaking story of one young man who went through trials and tribulations, feeling unloved, unwanted, never needed, and unexpected, from a lady that he had finally understood was his true mother (the one he was told loved him the most in the world no matter what she does and says to him). Growing up, he feels like there was and could not be any future or purpose for his life because he was being told that he could die any day.

Get on Board and Stay on Board by Pearl Nsiah-Kumi

Fear Not (3rd book in the Wilton/Strait mystery series) by Barbara Ann Derksen,

God’s Promises For Tough Times is a 30-day devotional that encourages you to give praise despite your circumstances, and guides you on how to do so when you feel like you have nothing left. Overall, this book serves as a reminder on how to remain faithful in a faithless world.

My review of Yolanda Shanks book, "Destined to Live, Despite Me Series, A Cause to Be Thankful"