Erkunde Angeschlossenes Gerät, Coole Idee und noch mehr!

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Dieses Gerät tankt Solarenergie und gibt sie direkt an euer angeschlossenes Gerät weiter. Coole Idee.

Samsung Ativ Q: Neues 13,3"-Tablet läuft mit Windows 8 und Android (UPDATE x2: Hands-On

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Orange balcony desk. awesome.

Home Sweet Home. Cute! You could do this with first initials so everyone has a spot for their keys.

No More Woof: Dog's Thoughts To Human Language

Si eso fuera cierto ... empezaba a reunir desde hoy mismo.

An outlet that automatically turns off power once your device has been charged to save energy.

Solar charger that sticks to the window!!

Bike Attachment Charges Your Phone Using Pedal Power | Charge your phone while pedaling your bike. #energy #fitness #health #tech #gadgets

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