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Erkunde Mosaik Vintage, Umfunktionieren Holz und noch mehr!

Stained Glass Mosaic Repurposed Window "Pieces of my Heart" Quilt Rainbow

Stained Glass Mosaic Repurposed Window Pieces of von ARTfulSalvage

Stained Glass Mosaic Window Wood "Vertiglo B" Repurpose Vintage Cabinet Door

Repurpose Stained Glass Vintage Wooden Window Cabinet Door

Mosaik Zeichen - Studio Sign - Pink Mosaik Fliesen - Mosaikfliesen Vintage - Geschenk Idee - Home Furnishings - Shabby chic Zeichen

Mosaik Zeichen Studio Sign Pink Mosaik Fliesen von dkshopgirl

Stained Glass Heart Suncatcher in a Tribal Motif

Swirly clear heart out of glass - i usually don't go for heart-themed art, but i love these swirls & motion.

Lettered walkway at Gardens of the World Berlin. Photo by Stefan Müller.

Repurpose Stained Glass Mosaic Window Glass Plate Flowers Vintage Wooden ART

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Blue Textured Clears and Beveled Stained Glass by TheGlassShire, $65.00

Blue Stained Glass Mosaic Vintage Repurpose Wooden Window "Blue Rhapsody"

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Stained Glass Mosaic Repurpose Wooden Window Plate Flowers Vintage

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Stained Glass Panel Clear Daisy Design with by CartersStainedGlass, $55.00