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Glazeitorium In order of tiles 570 Stoneware Soda (Black and White Slip) Porcelain Electric Porcelain Soda (Black Slip) Haze 1-4 G200 43.6 Flint 18.64 Laguna borate 6.0 Whiting 7.72 Zinc oxide 3.67 EPK 2.35 Dolomite 5.56 Bentonite 1.87 Tin oxide 2.83 Titanium Dioxide 3 Copper carb 0.95 Dark Red Mason Stain 10

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PASTA Bowls in Terracotta and Blue - Ceramic plates handmade risotto plate set of 4 - Wedding gifts Tableware dinnerware

PASTA-Schalen in Terrakotta und blau von BlueDoorCeramics auf Etsy

Category: Glaze, Author: hyung no, Notes: Feldspar 56.12 Whiting 19.6 EPK 10.84 Silica 13.44 Red stain 11%

How to paint a vibrant turquoise background FAST and EASY - YouTube

Blue-Green Matte (over Tenmoku), cone 6 oxidation. Per recipe creator, the colorants have been fussed with & these measurements may not be accurate, so test this glaze!

Tonstele .. lovely combo .. clay and driftwood ..

Emerald – Cone 5/6 Gerstley Borate – 49 EPK (kaolin) – 19 Flint (silica) – 32 Chrome oxide – 2 Cobalt Oxide – 1 Bentonite 2% This glaze has to be applied much thicker than you would expect a glaze to go on. Almost like a thin yogourt. The mug in the illustration was fired to cone 5. As you get hotter the green becomes more uniform and “greener” much like the area on the edges of the handle

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große Backform, Keramik Auflaufform, Türkis Backform, Lasagne-Schale, Hochzeit Geschenk-Ideen, Keramik Kasserolle, große Backform

große Backform Keramik Auflaufform Türkis Backform von FreshPottery

Left: SG-262 Translucent Turquoise-Blue Matt with Barium (Cone 10) Barium Carbonate 7.2 Cornwall Stone 34.0 Dolomite 6.9 Whiting 14.8 Custer Feldspar 33.2 EPK Kaolin 3.9 Total 100.0 Add: Cobalt Oxide 1.0 Copper Carbonate 2.0