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Erkunde Die Früchte, Des Frühlings und noch mehr!

Nach der Arabellion: Die Früchte des Frühlings

Nach der Arabellion: Die Früchte des Frühlings

Nach der Arabellion: Die Früchte des Frühlings

Amazing story of last 24 hours in Adolf Hitler's bunker in Berlin

Battle for Berlin.My mother was born in Berlin & a child during WWII.Her father was dead & my grandmother worked at any job she could find,they were always menial.They had no food,perhaps a tiny fruit cocktail cup was the only food for days.Mom almost died from starvation & was in a charity hospital for 3 months because of this.They lived in a bombed flat,only the bedroom walls were left standing.

Beautiful travel documentary...also, P.S. make the life you want.

Sweet (by Diane Arbus, A Woman with Her Baby Monkey, NJ, 1971)

Visual project 5: Babette’s Feast

Savarin au Rhum avec des Figues et Fruits Glacées

Winter of Starvation/Hongerwinter, Netherlands, 1944-1945. There are huge shortages of food and fuel, especially in the west of the Netherlands. This area has had supplies of coal and fuel cut off because the Allies have already liberated the south of the Netherlands and the German occupier wants to keep as much as they can by transporting it to Germany. More than 20,000 people die of starvation and cold.

Human Ancestor May Put Twist in Origin Story, New Studies Say

The skull of the young male Australopithecus sediba rests near the spot in Africa where he died. Photograph by Brent Stirton, National Geographic