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Erkunde Chondrichthyes, Fossilien Vor und noch mehr!

Squalicorax pristodontus: Vertebrates> Fishes> Sharks and Relatives

Myledaphus bipartitus: Vertebrates> Fishes> Sharks and Relatives

Champsosaurus: Vertebrates> Reptiles> Other Reptiles

Lepisosteus: Vertebrates> Fishes> Ray-finned Fish

Lophochelys niobrarae: Vertebrates> Reptiles> Turtles

Fossilized shark tooth nearly 6 inches tall. Except for its colossal size, it is similar to teeth found today on the Great White shark.

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Lepidotes lennieri--Fossil fish Twitter / MuseumLeHavre

Fossil fish head called Lepidotus semiserratus from the Jurassic Period. From the collections of Wolverhampton arts and Museums service.