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Erkunde Alternative Wissen, Augen Ohren und noch mehr!

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Ah -- if ONLY people did this all year round.

Difference in cage free & Pasture raised. I always buy free range organic & it's best to buy from local farmers.

Bernie Sanders Goes Into The Lion's Den and Tears Apart GOP Religious Hypocrites At Liberty

We’ll Never Know Whether Voters or Machines Source of Clinton ‘Landslide’ South Carolina Win | Vets for Bernie | "Clinton could not have asked f/more. According to the ofcl cnt, she scored a 47.5 pt vict over Sanders in the SC primary, 20 pts grtr than the RCP average going into the primary. But was this ofcl 'landslide' actually a rejection of Sanders’s political revolution or the pre-designated result of SC's easily hacked touch screen voting syst." Click to read & share the full article.

'Do More Of What Makes You Happy' Typography Print

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Omg yes!!!! I have a couple clouds that are toxic and I just need to get rid of!

4 Steps to Obtain Your Freedom From a Narcissist

Even when you don't want to see it and believe in their integrity. Lesson learned. Ouch.

33 Of The Best Inspirational Quotes Ever

OCD is a beautiful thing! Everything is organized and cleaned and lined up just right. It's like heaven! :)