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Erkunde Anzeige, Bonsai und noch mehr!

The shape of the trunk between the roots and the first branch (“ichi-no- eda”) most prominently displays the tree's characteristics. This part of the tree is called “tachiagari”. For example, in traditional bonsai “chokkan” (formal upright form) has the trunk growing energetically straight up, “moyohgi” (informal upright form) aims to show smooth curves of the tree's shape, and “bunjingi” bonsai (literati form) displays the gentle and elegant smoothness of the tree.

International Crassulaceae Network - Artikel Anzeige

Surrealist Ikebana - Sofu Teshigahara

Anthurium with Driftwood and Kiwi Vine

Bonsai Exhibition at Matsuya Ginza

Bonsai trees showing diversity of perceived age. I wonder how old they really are...70 years or more?