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Erkunde Ende Kommt, Kommt Nie und noch mehr!

“The world is hard because you may wake up today but not tomorrow. And yet no one will accept "fear of death and a futile existence" as a reasonable excuse to miss work. The world is hard because you will have to fight for the things you love or worse, fight the things you love.” ~ Iain Thomas

How to reimagine a classic painting

How to reimagine a classic painting. ophelia by katarina sokolova

The first and third are cliche but the second is good. This is not particularly an interesting concept to me, but it's ok. dan mountford, double exposure portraits

nigra-lux: L0RDHYPNOS (A.R.) Floating Spirits2014Oil on canvas, 40 x 60 cm

Bente Schlick – Illustration & Concept Art | Tangerine Mermaids

Lindsey Kustusch. Reflections of the Night.