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Erkunde Dritte Auge, Egyptians Wusste und noch mehr!

Noam Chomsky Compares Trump's Success To The Rise Of Hitler

Noam Chomsky Likens Donald Trump’s Ascent To The ‘Societal Breakdown’ That Spawned Hitler. This crazy train is only getting started.

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Read This Before You Say Anything Else About 'Taking Back America'

Donald Trump is the absolute worst candidate to ever run for the presidency with thousands of lawsuits, multiple rape allegations and a long list of business failures and bankruptcies. So where does Trump get his support? The religious racist bigots of America, the republican party Vote✔️

Spruch des Tages: Unsere Highlights von facebook

Hör auf damit, den Menschen, die nichts für dich tun, so viel macht über deine Gedanken und Gefühle zu geben.

Meet The Nephilim: An Alien species that lived on Earth – Voice Of People Today

Spruch des Tages: Witzige Weisheiten für jeden Tag

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Spending time in Nature --- is healing energy

“In the ancient literature we found a description called Salva corpus amanti, which means ‘That you see thing as you see things with your ey...