Erkunde 1950Er Jahre, Beziehungen und noch mehr!

#die 'guten' 1950er jahre...

In this friendly, freedom-loving land of ours... Beer Belongs--Enjoy It!

A Holy Experience How to Pray for the Most Oppressed People Group in the World

Constantin Alajalov | Saturday Evening Post 1949

Roger Wilkerson, The Suburban Legend.: Photo

Why would they place the TV there? It probably goes where "we" are standing and they wanted to show off the TV!

Motorola's ads from the 1960's

Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design

In the 1960s, Motorola commissioned a series of ads illustrated by the late Charles Schridde with a running theme of the "house of the future". These futuristic paintings are amazingly detailed. Viewed from an architecture / interior design angle, they really give an insight to the American imagination of that period. Swanky bachelor pads, spiral staircases, indoor scuba diving pools – you name it. Schridde’s vision of the future plays out like a romanticized, more realistic version of The…

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