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Erkunde Anonymer Bildhauer, Bildhauer Um und noch mehr!

Anonymer Bildhauer um 1900/20, repräsentative Bronze der Siegesgötting Nike auf…

Anonymer Bildhauer Ende 19. Jh., Diana in einer Tunica an einem Mauerstück lehnend mit zwei seitl. Raubkatzenköpfen, patinierte Bronze, unbez. u. unsign., ber., auf rechteckiger Marmorplinthe, Ges.-H. 42 cm

Anonymer Bildhauer um 1900, Damenbüste, Messing auf roter, oblonger Marmorplinthe,rückseitig unles — Skulpturen, Plastiken, Installationen, Bronzen, Relief

Anonymer, frz. Bildhauer d. 19. Jh., zum Gebet kniendes Mädchen, patinierte und partiellvergoldete — Skulpturen, Plastiken, Installationen, Bronzen, Relief

Master of the Martyrdom of St. Sebastian (17th Century) The captive Hercules,carved ivory ,ca 1655 Viennese ivory sculptor

Le Désespoir | Musée d’Orsay | Jean-Joseph Perraud

The Artemision Bronze (often called the God from the Sea) is an ancient Greek sculpture that was recovered from the sea off Cape Artemision, in northern Euboea (Modern Greek Εύβοια, Évia). It represents either Zeus[1] or Poseidon,[2] slightly over lifesize,[3] brandishing a missing thunderbolt (if Zeus) or trident (if Poseidon) with his raised right hand and sighting over his extended left hand. Found at the site of a shipwreck that occurred no earlier than the middle of the second century…


The Library Phantom Returns!

Another sculpture from the "Library Phantom": ...over at the Writer's Museum — it's not clear how long it had been there — was a sculpture propped atop the donations box in the Robert Louis Stevenson room. It was a street scene, with birds, people, cobblestones, all under a dangling moon hanging in the sky.

crossconnectmag: “ Sublime Wood Sculpture by Thierry MartenonFrench sculptor Thierry Martenon creates his amazing minimalist sculptures made from mostly from wood in the Chartreuse Mountains, located...