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Momente: Letzter Tag #bouldering #memories – Bilderparade CCCLXIX - Bild 90

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DIY JEWELRY :: 3 Last Minute Rope Bracelets for Dad


After 45 km, three days and countless of steep, never-ending steps, your muscles feel torturously sore and knees are mucho aching – and then throw in “The Gringo Killer”; a set of narrow stone stairs so vertically inclined that ascending them was almost like climbing a wall. This is the last day on the Inca Trail - getting to Machu Picchu!

'Quest for Rose' Page 7: With the magical flower tucked safely in his rucksack he set off to climb the seven mountains upon which stood his next destination. In a stone house on top of the last mountain lived the second Sage. He knocked on the door. The door opened and he saw himself staring into the eyes of a tearful child. The Sage has gone away I am all alone I am hungry I am tired The little girl spoke. Ray hastened inside and found the house in disarray. He cleaned up the mess and…

It's Monday y'all. It's so easy to roll over and sigh your stinky, annoyed breath onto the tangled hair of the 3-year old that climbed into bed with you begging for pancakes 4 minutes before the alarm was set to go off, and grumble "oh Monday, you little sh💩t". OR. You can discipline yourself to see {and smell} past the full pee-pee Pull-Up snuggling your thigh and love Monday for what she is - the first day of a new week to make.things.happen. To correct last week's mistakes. To start…

Now you can climb Mount Everest in VR Read more Technology News Here --> Just last week I had a great conversation with a Manhattan taxi driver named Sherpa who after I asked if his name was connected to Nepal told me that he had indeed stopped working on Mount Everest to live in New York City. Smiling he suggested I visit the famed (and quite dangerous) mountain one day to which I replied "I'm a fragile city guy maybe one day I'll visit it in virtual…

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