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More Golden Things - edles Schmuckdesign von Michaela Römer


Anita Berber, the 29 year old dancer, actress and ‘wild-child’ of the Weimar cabaret era, died on this day in 1928. She was buried in a paupers grave in St. Thomas Friedhof in the Neukoln district of Berlin. The cemetery is now disused and her grave, gone.

Myrna Loy She’s the kind of girl that men remember—that’s Myrna Loy—and that’s why she’s attracting attention. It might be apropos to call her the 1926 model stream-line vampire. She has flaming red hair, wicked green eyes, and the mystery and lure of old Mother Eve. Myrna Loy, Motion Picture Classic November 1926. "Life, is not a having and a getting, but a being and a becoming."

Germany. Weimar cabaret goddess Anita Berber led a life that would be considered shocking even today. Berber embodied decadence: she was an unapologetic spendthrift drug addict and alcoholic sometime prostitute whose many high-profile bisexual and S&M affairs remain the stuff of legend. An electrifying avant-garde dancer, she often performed nude or wearing androgynous costumes.This human volcano of scandal and creativity expired in 1928 at the age of 29.

1920s fashionable young woman.

photo by Madame D'Ora 1922 of Anita Berber, a dancer, actress and ‘wild-child’…

billyjane: Anita Berber by Madame D’Ora,1922 via